Steve Jenkins Racing

Private Coaching

Private coaching / Testing
I am available for Private Driving Instruction / Coaching, or Testing. I am
a Member at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL, or I can travel to the
track of your choice.

I am available for private instruction, and coaching,
as well as group coaching, and ride along style events. Utilizing Data
Acquisition, and Video, as well as riding along, I am able to teach the
basics of driving fast and the physical dynamics of car control, as well as
the differences between the “drivers-ed” style and the way you race a car.
Every car is different, and knowing how to drive your car is key.

I can show you how to “listen” to what your car is telling you, and how to
adjust to it. I can also help to set up your car. From spring rates and sway
bar changes to shock settings and brake bias, I can help you be in the
right state of mind, and body, to get your car to perform at its best so
you can perform at your best!

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